Liselle is a truly empathic coach, an amazing listener and a nurturing spirit. Through her coaching, I’ve resolved longstanding challenges with a loved one and gained a new perspective on the value I have and bring to the world. Her astute observations and gentle questions are succinct, sharp & soothing. Run, don’t walk, to her coaching door!
I have had the privilege of being coached by Liselle for the past year. Over that time, I have gained a new level of awareness and confidence in myself and no longer feel stuck in many areas which were holding me back. She is truly gifted in guiding me to uncover what is really going on beneath the surface and helps me to craft a practical action plan which honors who I am as a person. She has the rare gift of going deep with someone but then also pull what is uncovered into real world steps for solutions. She has a natural way to put someone at ease using her deep love and compassion for people and her humor. I would highly recommend Liselle to anyone who is trying to move beyond the obstacles and challenges facing them and into a place of stepping into their highest potentials.
I truly enjoy you and our sessions. I always walk away feeling pumped and full of confidence. Thank you for showing me the way to a worry-free life! I am… truly grateful for your words of wisdom.
S Travis
Working with Liselle is an extreme privilege as she is incredibly gifted at listening on a deep level and moving her clients to a place of meaningful action. She has helped me rediscover, and reach, for my long buried dreams, and for that I am eternally grateful. I can say without hesitation that my life and my family is better because Liselle is my coach.
Liselle is a capable, caring, wise and skillful coach who helps you achieve the results you want by focusing on leveraging your strengths to take small and meaningful steps toward your end game. She skillfully helped me get and stay focused on a goal that I had been procrastinating on for months and achieve more than I originally intended! She works with your style and needs, listens intently and helps you celebrate your successes along the way. She’s a delight and I highly recommend her.
The thing about coaching, for me, was that I didn’t think I needed it… I mean, is my life that out of whack that I need a stranger to tell me what to do with myself? But surprisingly, coaching was nothing like what I had pictured in my head, ie. coaching is not therapy. There is something unbelievably helpful about simply chatting to an impartial person. Talking about the weather usually ends up in an hour long conversation about an issue you are having that you probably weren’t consciously aware of yet. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you are inventing problems, I’m simply saying that talking openly about things with a non-judgemental person, one who is absolutely unbiased, tends to (with a little questioning, poking and prodding in the right direction) open up things your subconscious mind knew was floating around inside you, but you hadn’t figured out or dealt with yet. Coaching gives you direction… it helps you be aware of your feelings, acknowledge them, feel them and utilize them to propel you forward. Coaching has taught me that only in acknowledging my feelings, issues and triggers can I actually move forward, as blindly ignoring them never seems to work.