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As your coach, my role is to advocate for YOU with the same fervor and dedication with which you advocate for your child. Our sessions together are where you will rejuvenate, recover, and restore your soul, so you can be as effective as possible for your family.

Whether you want personal attention in a one-on-one setting, or you prefer the support that comes from group coaching, Mothering Outside The Lines has the perfect program for every mom.

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The Maternal BurnOut Barometer

An Assessment Process that shows how to reach Your Full Potential as a Mother and Woman

During The Maternal BurnOut Process you’ll uncover how advocating for your child is contributing to your personal depletion, and causing you to feel overwhelmed, drained, resentful, angry, and depressed. You’ll learn how effectively you’re currently managing your mothering role, and how to shift your actions and become a rock-solid mom, able to handle any challenges and crises that come your way.

**Based on the Energy Leadership Index Assessment developed by Bruce Schneider.

The Maternal BurnOut Process Includes:

  • One 20-minute online questionnaire.
  • One 60-minute private phone or virtual coaching debrief to analyze your results.

Pricing: $149

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Defining Your Sweet Spot

Achieve Balance Between Selfish and Selfless –3 Months of Private Coaching Sessions

During Defining Your Sweet Spot you’ll learn the basics of mothering outside the lines, so you can meet your child’s unique needs and have a vibrant, interesting, and fulfilling life outside of your family responsibilities. You’ll define your special sweet spot – that elusive balance in between selfishness and selflessness, martyr and motherhood – and gain the confidence to live, love, and mother from that place, ensuring that everyone in your life – including you – is happy, healthy, and taken care of.

During our coaching sessions you will:

  • Identify who and what is draining you, and take control of those situations.
  • Rediscover the woman you are outside of your mothering and family responsibilities.
  • Open your eyes to the way your child’s needs have changed you, and reclaim the woman you left behind.
  • Strike a balance between allowing the world to revolve around your child and making yourself a priority.
  • Implement systems to manage the internal and external chaos of life, so it all becomes manageable and, dare I say, peaceful.
  • Uncover the hidden beliefs that are keeping you stuck in self-sacrifice, and reprogram them.
  • Develop a “Family Blueprint” so making the best decisions for your family is easy.
  • Define the kind of mom you want to be, and learn the strategies, tips, and tools that will get you there.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and grow as a woman and mother.
  • Discover the secret to “having a life” and still being an amazing mother.
  • Eliminate blocks holding you back from doing what you say you want to do.

Defining Your Sweet Spot Includes:

  • The Maternal BurnOut Process
  • Twelve 50-minute private coaching sessions. Via phone or online conferencing.
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions.

Pricing: $1600

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Want to add VIP Status to your package to include text support, priority scheduling and one 2-hour private coaching intensive for faster results?

VIP Pricing: $1975



Claiming Your Sweet Spot

Become a Calm, Composed, and Content Woman and Mother – 6 months of private Coaching Sessions

Claiming Your Sweet Spot is the stop along the journey when you make taking care of YOU a top priority, and become the calm, composed, and content woman and mother you were always meant to be. Expanding on the work we did in Defining Your Sweet Spot, we’ll focus on making your sweet spot a reality for your everyday life. That means no more frazzled supermom running from therapy session to doctor’s appointment to advocacy meeting on four hours of sleep! During this program you’ll claim your right to live authentically in the sweet spot, meet your needs, grow into the woman you want to be, AND care for your family.

During our coaching sessions you will:

  • Prioritize your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing so you never again lose yourself in your mothering role.
  • Put practices in place so your external world and physical body reflect who you have become on the inside.
  • Honor your personal needs, wants, desires, and goals without guilt to ensure you’re always taken care of, too.
  • Fight for your child without fighting yourself, your partner, or your world.
  • Develop a team to support and inspire you.
  • Learn to make strong decisions confidently, always knowing which choices are in the best interest of you and your family.
  • Defeat the excuses and guilt, and create a life without “what ifs” and “if onlys”.
  • Remember how to giggle, be silly, and laugh out loud and mean it!
  • Stop worrying about the future and enjoy today.
  • Create a customized plan for your life, and learn how to truly have it all.

Claiming Your Sweet Spot Includes:

  • The Maternal BurnOut Process
  • Twenty-four 50-minute private coaching sessions. Via phone or online conferencing.
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions.

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Mastery in the Sweet Spot

A Completely Guilt-Free, Gracious, and Glowing Life – 10 Months of Private Coaching Sessions

This journey began with defining and claiming your sweet spot, and the final step is mastery of your life in that space. Go all the way during Mastery in the Sweet Spot, and ensure that you never again lose yourself in the process of caring for your child. Get support and accountability so you never fall back into your old patterns – no matter how challenging life becomes. At the end of this program, you will have achieved the highest level of self-care, fulfillment, balance, and joy. Plus, you’ll have the confidence that you can maintain this new life no matter what comes your way in the future. If a completely guilt-free, gracious, and glowing life is your goal this program will get you there.

During our coaching sessions you will:

  • Complete everything from Defining Your Sweet Spot and Claiming Your Sweet Spot, and transform your new behaviors, thoughts, and feelings into effortless habits.
  • Achieve and maintain the highest levels of fulfillment, balance, and peace no matter how unmanageable life feels.
  • Gain the strength and confidence that comes from knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way.
  • Avoid falling back into old, self-destructive habits when you encounter a trigger.
  • Never again be held hostage by the diagnosis, and learn to be genuinely and authentically happy no matter how dire your situation is.
  • Become all that you are so you can proudly say, “I did my best”.

Mastery in the Sweet Spot Includes:

  • Two Maternal BurnOut Processes (One pre-coaching and one post-coaching to quantifiably measure your progress).
  • Forty 50-minute private coaching sessions. Via phone or online conferencing.
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions.

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Sweet Spot Group Coaching Courses

To help defray the cost of private coaching and help my clients enjoy an enriching and positive community of other mothers of atypical children, I periodically offer group-coaching courses that run between four-eight weeks. These classes are easy and accessible because you can join in on the phone from the comfort of your home, or you can download the call recording for future listening. If you’re interested in getting alerted when the next course opens up, please enter your name, email, and top question below.


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