Private Coaching Intensives

Sign up for an individual private coaching intensive as a supplement to your current program, or as an opportunity to give coaching a try without committing to a full package.

Get Out of Overwhelm: 2-Hour Intensive

This intensive is perfect for the moments when the stuff in your life has hit the fan and you don’t know how to respond; you’re overwhelmed and in crisis mode. Get Out of Overwhelm will give you quick clarity so you can avoid paralysis, identify potential courses of action, and make smart choices based on the big picture.

Price: $350 (Includes priority speedy scheduling)

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You’re Worth It: 3-Hour Intensive

No more looking outward for support. During You’re Worth It you’ll become happier and more peaceful than ever before by becoming your own best friend, eliminating the negative inner messages that play on repeat, and start showing yourself the same love and care you so easily extend to others.

Price: $450

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Bust the Clutter!

During Bust the Clutter! we’ll take one area of your chaotic, over- scheduled life and transform and simplify it, bringing peace and order back to your world. This creates the necessary physical, emotional, and mental space for you to tackle the big stuff, like defining, claiming, and mastering your sweet spot.

When your life is chaotic, you can’t help but follow suit and become frazzled, overworked, and overwhelmed. Moms of atypical children so often live in chaos, putting out fires, wrangling over-stuffed closets, searching for lost gym shoes, managing kid meltdowns and the list goes on and on.

By simplifying and streamlining just one chaotic area of your life, we’ll bring order back to your personal world and free up tons of emotional energy for you to tackle the big stuff. That way two years from now you’ll be living in your sweet spot as a guilt-free, gracious, and glowing woman – not longing for it while still searching for those ever-elusive car keys!

Bust the Clutter! Includes Three Private Coaching Sessions

Session One: One-hour initial consultation to choose the area you wish to simplify and create a customized game plan to bring order and peace to that part of your life.

Session Two: One-hour session to put the peace and order plan into action.

Session Three: One-hour follow up session to revise the plan based on feedback and challenges, and create a strategy to sustain and maintain the peace and order you brought to your life.

Includes unlimited email support between sessions.

Price: $500

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Pathway to Possibility: Creating Success On Your Terms

Pathway to Possibility is a 40-day home-study program designed to support you in creating the success you want through consistent focus, gratitude, and affirmations. Whether you want better family relationships, a career you love, a healthy body, a thriving business, a new relationship, or financial security, Pathway to Possibility will give you tips, stories, and exercises to help you achieve the success you want on your terms.

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Pricing: $17

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