Day 18-Claim your receipe for Joy I am here today to highlight the fact that you have the recipe. You're a mom... you know what a recipe is. You have your very own personal recipe. You have that perfect storm of events that set you up to feel resentful. And on the flip side you also have that perfect combination of stuff that goes

Day-17 the giving nature of moms

Video 17 I'm here to highlight the giving nature of Moms and also to highlight the danger associated with that. You know as moms, we are hard-wired to serve. We really want to do right for our kids and do right by them. Unfortunately, very often, in our quest to do this we don't allow our kids the right to

Day 15 – I’m here to share with you a motto that is important to live by.

  Probably not earth shattering and probably not something you haven't heard before but I think it bears repeating. "Say what you mean and mean what you say." What do I mean by that? I mean that your thoughts and your words should be in true alignment with what you truly want out of your life. Anytime you are saying

How Dads Can Bond with their Atypical kids

  Dads play an indispensable role in the mental and physical development in children. Their unique way of interacting empowers and encourages kids – especially atypical children who thrive when exposed to dad’s special brand of care giving. Additionally, research has shown that children with uninvolved fathers are more likely to drop out of school and have problems when developing

What Does A-Typical Mean? Plus, An Uplifting Message to Moms of A-Typical Kids

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage? Not so much – at least not anymore. Nowadays, there isn’t a “typical” journey to becoming a mom, nor is there a “typical” experience of motherhood.   Before you actually become a mom, the parenting process you see on TV seems like the ideal. Watching The

Who Am I: Raising an A-Typical Child Without Losing Yourself

In the realm of self-discovery, we all run into the big question. No, not vanilla or chocolate chip! Something a little more complex…   Who Am I?   Please don’t think you’re alone, because everyone struggles with this fundamental question. I see it day in and day out in my coaching practice as my clients sit in our sessions and

Why Label Children?: The Surprising Ways We’re All a Little “A-Typical”

    Through my work with moms of A-Typical kids, I have my fair share of battles with labels! On one end of the spectrum I see moms who are SO resistant to putting a label on their child that he or she doesn’t get the care they need. And on the other end I see moms who will take

5 Amazing Things You Can Say to the Mother of an A-typical Child

Parenting an A-Typical child requires a mom to give all of herself, emotionally and physically. It is non-stop, relentless, and very often thankless, but for the mothers of A-typical children, it’s just another day. They honor these demands on their time, bodies and selves without asking for help, complaining or uttering a single negative word about their situation. And because

Moms should let their kids suffer

  Moms are born fixers, we hate to see our kids suffer. Do you believe being a loving and responsible mom means managing circumstances so that your kids experience as little emotional discomfort as possible? Carrying the responsibility of another’s well being is a heavy load. Truth be told, the biggest learning gifts usually come wrapped in difficult circumstances. With

How to Help Your Atypical Kid Deal with Bullying

Bullying is a serious problem that can affect all children, but atypical kids are especially vulnerable because they tend to be seen as easy targets by cruel peers. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to protect your child from bullying and preserve his self-esteem, ensuring that he has a safe and happy experience at school. Here’s how: 1.